Holidaying in Cape Town is arguably one of the most popular bucket-list items for both local and international tourists alike. The Mother City has a diverse array of activities for people to enjoy, ranging from adventurous hiking journeys to decadent afternoons spent tasting different wines. Whatever your choice may be, however, choosing the right holiday villas in Cape Town is vital for a successful holiday. 

When you are looking at holiday villas in Cape Town there are several aspects to consider. Starting with how many people will be joining you on your adventure is a good first step, then moving on to how accessible the villa needs to be based on who will be using it. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose. Below is some helpful advice on how to choose the perfect holiday villas in Cape Town. 


How Many People Are Travelling With Me?


This is an important question to ask as it will have a direct impact on the size of the holiday villa that you choose. All holidays villas in Cape Town also have a maximum number of guests that are allowed to use the villas, which you will need to keep in mind when inviting friends or family members with you on your next vacation. 

Having a clear indication of how many people will be travelling with you will help you to book the perfect holiday villa. There are many villas from one-bedrooms, for those romantic couples looking to get away from it all and spend some much-needed quality time, to 5 or 6 bedroom family villas ideal for 1 or 2 families looking to experience the wonders of Cape Town together, all the way up to ten bedroom villas that can accommodate large groups or corporate functions. All you have to do is give us your specifications and our villa specialists will find the perfect option for your stay.


All about Accessibility


An important part of booking a holiday villa in Cape Town is looking at how accessible the property is. If you will be travelling with young children, elderly people, or those who might have special needs, the villa will need to be easily accessible by these guests. Some villas might be built in an area that is not easy to access for those in wheelchairs or with walking devices. 

You should ideally look for holiday villas in Cape Town that are on one flat level or that have an elevator installed for people who cannot climb stairs. You can speak to the agent or villa owner about what can be put into place for your guests that might need accessibility options. Villa owners are usually happy to accommodate whatever their guests may need. 


Look At Location


One of the most vital considerations for choosing from the many holiday villas in Cape Town is the location of the villa. If you are planning a luxurious trip with a group of friends who want to spend the evenings at various party spots, then a villa in Camps Bay is the ideal choice. If you prefer a quieter holiday exploring various wine farms, then a Constantia villa will be right up your alley. 

Every holiday villa in Cape Town is designed to cater to the needs of their guests, and this includes the location. Their locations are often secluded and surrounded by nature or beautiful views, especially those that overlook the ocean. Be sure to look at a map to find out how far away from the activities you have booked or added to your itinerary in order to plan your trip accordingly. 


What Facilities Are Available?


Knowing what facilities are available to you on your holiday in Cape Town can help you to make a final decision about the holiday villa. For example, you might have children with you who would like access to a pool when the weather is on the warmer side. Some villas have infinity pools for guests to use, while others have more traditional pool models. 

Luxury villas may come equipped with a cinema room, a games room, a gym or even a tennis court. All of these facilities and amenities are geared towards the guests’ enjoyment of their vacation, but be sure to ask your agent or the concierge about what is and is not available to use. Some facilities might not be operational during the off-season or colder weather.  


Luxury at Its Best


Spending time at one of the many holiday villas in Cape Town is a treat for all ages. You are able to see one of the most vibrant cities in the world while luxuriating in a stunning location. Be sure to consider how many people will be travelling and staying with you in order to choose one of the right size, and always keep special needs in mind. 

When you are looking at the location, be sure to think about what you have planned in terms of activities and travel. If you would like to book a holiday villa in Cape Town for your upcoming adventure, be sure to contact Holiday Villas Cape Town today for more information.