The sound of the sea, the feeling of warm sand crunching beneath your feet, and the warmth of the sun on your skin as you sit on the beach are all part of what makes a beach holiday so wonderful. For those who might not have been to the beach or to a holiday villa in Cape Town before, however, knowing what to pack can be a little bit difficult. 

When you are staying in a Holiday villa in Cape Town you will have access to an array of stunning beaches, and you will need to ensure that you have everything necessary to enjoy these beaches. Sunscreen and protective clothing are vital for any outdoor activities, and be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes for those days when you feel like going on an adventure. 

Below is some helpful advice on what to pack for a beach holiday. 


Choose Comfortable Clothes


While you might enjoy dressing up for an evening at a beach-side restaurant, sipping a delicious cocktail, you will need to pack comfortable clothes to wear while you relax on the sand. You should bring along a comfortable swimming costume, a chic coverup for those extra sunny days, and shoes that can be taken on and off easily. 

If you will be walking along the promenade outside one of the many holiday villas in Cape Town, you should also pack shorts, t-shirts, or even a pretty patterned kaftan or two so you can transition from walking along the promenade to eating at one of the many luxurious cafes and restaurants Cape Town has to offer. Cotton and linen are ideal choices for material for your beachy outfits. 


Love That Luggage


Beach luggage is an essential item to pack with you, and it should always be versatile and lightweight. If you are staying at one of the luxury holiday villas in Cape Town, you will only need to take your necessary items ot the beach, as your belongings will be safe and secure while you are out exploring the city. 

You could opt for a small to medium-sized duffel bag, as it offers a good amount of space for your essentials such as sunscreen and water bottles, or you could choose a woven beach bag that is designed for the activity. Be sure to use luggage that is made for outdoor purposes, as this will ensure that it will not be damaged by the sand, sun, or sea. 


Stay Healthy


Being on holiday is a fun and exciting time, but you will still need to be aware of your health and what may happen while enjoying the stunning beaches of Cape Town. If you have any prescription medicines, be sure to pack these with you, and always bring along an after-sun gel or cream to help with any sunburn you might experience. 

A first-aid kit is essential if you will be travelling with children. Items such as plasters, burn cream, anti-inflammatory medication, and pain killers will help to ensure that you are prepared for every eventuality. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and try to stay out of the sun during the peak hours for UV ray strength. 


Think About Essentials


If you are spending time in a holiday villa in Cape Town but are coming from another country, it is important to pack all essential travel documentation and other items. You will need photographic documentation, passports, and insurance and credit cards. These items should be kept close at all time, so look for a money belt that can easily be worn under your clothing for added safety. 

You should pack toiletries that you use on a daily basis, too, as this will allow you to feel confident and comfortable before heading off to the beach. Many of the luxury villas in Cape Town do offer a concierge service, which allows you to request certain items to be bought for your holiday. 

When you are packing for a beach holiday, be sure to bring along comfortable clothes as well as some options for dressing up in the evening. Beach luggage is a necessity, especially if you will have children with you and always bring along essential medicine. If you are planning a luxury vacation, contact Holiday Villas Cape Town to find out what we can offer you.